Posted on Dec 31, 2018


New years is here and with it another annual holiday takes center stage, carrying with it symbolisms, traditions, celebrations and iconic moments.  And so it begins, with more get togethers, more parties, more social media posts - with laughter, recalls, and anticipations.  Maybe the New Year event is just for fun, or it is about making memories and building hope.  Certain cities will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to blast away fireworks at the midnight toll, and others will go about it in media hype with milliions watching.  The counting down with ball dropping, queen swinging, dancing the night away yells ... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 ... and HOORAY it'll be 2019!  The 'year in review' reminds the masses of significant moments that captured passions as preferred by dedicated viewers.  At midnights end there will have been new years everything - having appeared for well over 7 or 8 days, beginning the morning after the last big holiday.  The gym, healthclub, wellness, and addiction commercials will air taking advantage of holiday indiscretions and indulgences.  End of year closeouts and last chance moments will be everywhere too...and resolution making will abound!  New Years is the roll over of a calendar date at an exacting hour made big by the people who wish it so. For what 2018 brought, in positives and negatives, in amazing gains and amazing losses, in breakthroughs and in tragedies - the year is over.  Hello 2019; and for today-welcome! Photo: Unsplash R. Hennessy
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