Posted on Jan 18, 2019



Waiting can be seen as inaction, except for those who experience it. The wait can be favorable and it can be unfavorable depending on the view. Looking forward and seeing some future–these create waiting - a place where patience can grow and where it is tested. To advance a fear, to create a joy, to see a sadness, to recognize a beginning or to behold an ending, to be in movement toward hellos and even goodbyes, to foresee an angst, to prospect a cooperation, reminiscing too, wanting to get inside or maybe to get out, and even hoping to accomplish -- it is all about the wait. Looking forward and looking back begins with a view. The view that dreams or believes must first be seen; if it is not your own, then the waiting requires consideration for another’s view. It is in the mind’s eye that the action of waiting begins! It all takes time – and it is in time where waiting lies. To intentionally wait is to be aware, it is to be conscious – and for a brain – it is hardly simple! Photo Credit:

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