Podcasting Pride ... it is a thing and quite healthy in mental health. Challenged by pride? The word itself has been damned probably as long as people have been obsessed by who sleeps with who in the United States. A bit of snark, a bit of history, and some psychobabblejabble regarding pride an...

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My new podcast is live... finally! Here an expert in behavioral health approaches topics of impact in human thinking and feeling and acting with some snark, humor, nonchalance and mostly with outside of the box "psychobabblejabble." If you can stand the first two it could get easier.


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24/7 ACCESS TO A THERAPIST ... Using your smart phone, your PC, your Tablet --- day or night.

Thanks to secure technology asynchronous mental health and behavioral health services are available to users 24 hours a day. And to help users who prefer to log in and leave notes, files, and journals...

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Healthy eats are as good for the body and brain - as it is the mind.  Changing body, brain and mind can be as simple as "garbage in, garbage out."  Simple does not mean cheap, however.  Often one of the challenges in overall health can be boiled down to costs.  Not just healthcare costs or access...

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In the US April 15th is tax day. For many it is the culmination of a years worth of inventory - sorting out gains, losses, expenses, earnings and acquisitions of various kinds. For the "feds" and its many "partners" it is about algorithms that attempt to accommodate wealth and poverty such that...

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Implicit bias is believed to be, by literature, research and blinding analysis (those are my biases in this regard) very difficult to change. And those "believed to be" words are apart of the story. It's possible that in the study of bias we "prefer" knowing that we have "it" right. And therein l...

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Helping begins when the perspective of those asking (help is heard best when sought, especially by adults), is deemed valid.  Here the helper knows that the "helpee" sees things as they do for good reason (assuming they are not psycho-pathologically injuring).  Helpers must begin as if the "helpe...

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Gratitude is a thing in the concept and in the science of happiness!  It is not, however, a spinning of a view for the sake of GETTING happy.  It is actual gratitude  - a true assigned thought, an assigned view and perspective that is genuine to the eyes of the beholder.  Why is that?  You don't ...

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Luck Day! Green Beer!  And Exceptions to the Rule!  St. Patrick's Day as a historical evolving holiday is one that depicts the ironies of human ingenuity and creativity.  The idea that an irish kidnapped child would return to his homeland and spend 30 plus years generating christian schools, mona...

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Hourly and Minute to Minute Sessions: In The Office and Online - For DC and FL Clients!

  • By the Minute Concierge Clinical Services - DC and FL

    Using the secure server, clients can communicate online by the minute! Write a clinical question and get a reply within 24 hours! Your credit card is billed by the minute! This service is currently available to residents of DC and the State of Florida. You can be anywhere communicating anytime with your DC and your Florida therapist --- NOW! Note: licensing laws vary by state for online therapy services such that private mental health practitioners may only work with those residents where the therapist is licensed and where the client resides. Until there is a federal standard for online therapy, be sure your online therapist is licensed where you reside AND that they are using HIPAA Secure Encrypted Platforms to protect your private health information.
  • One Hour Counseling - In office or Online (DC and FL)

    Clients being seen here have 24 hour online access to the digital practice as well as face to face sessions in both DC and FL! My clients schedule sessions anytime online without needing to call or deal with voicemails and support staff; plus session confirmation immediately arrives by text and email. The digital practice is HIPAA secure with video sessions, chat and journaling and emailing services! Many therapists are using Non-HIPAA secure video/chat/email - a risk regarding private health information. If your therapists communication platform does not indicate that it is HIPAA Compliant - then it is probably not! Schedule now!
  • Clinical Hypnosis (Clinical Hypnotherapy) Hourly Sessions (DC and FL!)

    NEW! For the first time the practice is offering HOURLY CHT sessions. Hypnosis sessions are offered in the office with rapid resolution social technology (some are offered online)! Many clients can see results in one hour. NOTE: An introductory one hour session is recommended to discuss the method, however it is not required.

Helping Clients Live Better Since 2005.

About the practice   
After years of treating anxiety, couples, depression and PTSD my practice remains very eclectic. With hypnosis and rapid resolution to directive and cognitive challenges, clients get better here and sooner.  Your treatment plan, which you can review, has as its goal - your goals - and your care is structured to that end. What works for one person may not be the exact fit for another.  With free initial consultations, new DC clients seeking face to face services can learn more about the practice before deciding to begin!

Using current social technology such as strengths based, neuro-biological paradigms, pragmatic experiential methods, solutions focused, cognitive restructuring and more - clients simply do better here!  From direct mental health to concierge services, from in office sessions to onsite meetings plus online services, from traditional to non-traditional styles my clients' lives improve.  

Each of my clients also have their own online digital portal (HIPAA compliant and secure) empowering them to connect both synchronously and asynchronously - 24 hours a day. With a full suite of online services people can reach out at anytime! Scheduling options can be individualized too (outside of the published availability).  

And with some of the highest Healthgrades client evaluations in the US, and a few cool Yelp reviews, even the most challenging work appears to produce results that clients favor.  Getting better, being happier ... it begins here!  

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  • Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work (GWSCSW)
  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Statement for Equal Access to Care:
The practice is wheel chair accessible, sitting on the Metrocenter Station (literally) at 12th and G. The practice is LGBTQ friendly.  LaRose does not refuse services to anyone based upon their religion, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or their gender identification.

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